They have Recently Left us, But We Will Hold Them in Our Hearts Forever

A Sonnet for Jai

Your hair changed like the Aurora Borealis,
From brown to green to purple turned your strands,
You did not sip from convention's plaster chalice,
Your mark you laid in silver, not in sand.

You loved me as your child, I worshipped you,
I was your niece, you were my crazy aunt,
You taught me Bakers' rocks of black and sea of blue,
I gave you aspen leaves, and aspen trees became our haunt.


The Williams/Roberts Family

In autumn aspen leaves will fall and cloak the ground,
You and your children have left us deep in night,
But you gave me stars to wear around my neck--they'll never brown,
And I know that in your absence, you still know and watch me as I write.

Jai, you are loved even though you are gone,
I'll remember you each time I hear a lovely Green Day song.

--Katherine Walecka

May 4, 2007 is the 4th anniversary of the day we lost Jai, Jessica and James

It is also the 4th anniversary of this website. 

I am finally updating it.

Think of them again today


The Jairations Jewelry catalog is coming online here


This is the memorial page for our family and friends,

To Our Beloved Friend,

Sister, Wife, Daughter, Mother:




Jai's last grin

Jai Williams 1966-2003  


We shall all miss the light you shared with the world; through yourself and your art you have touched many people in many ways.

We will keep you in our thoughts and hearts always.



Jess in Balloons

Jessica Williams 2000-2003

To Our Little Ones:

The sunshine of your hearts and the warmth of your love has passed far too soon but will live on in our hearts and thoughts always.


You were loved, and you returned that love in kind.  The pure love of ones so young is a gift too precious to measure and never to be lost, only cherished forever.

James with a Pine Cone

James Williams 2002-2003

The News:

Early in the morning of May 4, 2003, the house of Jim, Jai, Jessica and James Williams caught fire.
Jim was away on business, but Jai, Jessica and James did not survive the fire.

Jim now lives in Eugene, Carson now lives in Boston

In the past 4 years, all of us have gotten older, but we will always hold in our hearts
the memories of our loved ones as they were when they left us.

Jai will always be 36
Jessica will always be 3
James will always be 1


A Memorial Service for Jai, Jessica and James was held in Eugene, OR on Friday, May 9, 2002 From 1-4 the afternoon. It was open to small children, and was held at the indoor playground where our friends spent so much happy time.Bethesda Lutheran Church

At the service, there was helium, balloons, bubbles and cookies and eugoogolies.
The text of some of the speakers and a copy of the Memorial Folder will be available here soon. (Does 4 years count as "soon"?)
Many thanks to those who came, and the many others who have expressed their condolences in email and phone calls. We all feel, know that Jai and Jessica and James were, very much loved.

There was another memorial Friday Evening for Friends and Family.
The evening memorial was held at the Red Lion in Eugene, and friends were able to get together with food and drink and remember our dear departed friends and family.
For both gatherings, we displayed two trifolds of pictures of Jai and Jessica and James, and one of photos of Jai's lovely jewelry. Jim, Anne-Elise, and Cam spent hours making the beautiful displays. Those may be digitized as well.
Jai's studio was undamaged in the fire, and is being packed away. She sure had a lot of really lovely stuff.
Carson inherited Jai's jewelry studio, and the catalog of jewelry that Jai was working on when she died will be available here soon. Jairations Catalog

Donations or Gifts:

Photos (in digital form) can be sent to Carson at the address above.
Thanks a lot to those who have already sent stuff in. It will be a bit of time before anything new is posted, but we are archiving a lot of pictures.

The bit of time has turned out to be Four Years.

The Williams Family Fund

Donations can be made in person at any Bank of America branch.
This fund is to help Jim, and take care of expenses associated with the recent events, and potentially to set up some sort of memorial for James and Jessica.

Donations may also be made via the paypal site at The memorial fund can be accessed by entering the following email address:

For gifts to the University of Oregon in Jai's name:

The U of O Metals program  purchased a huge enamel kiln with a plaque  We'll try and post the inscription here soon.

Jai Williams Memorial Project
School of Architecture and Allied Arts
5235 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-5235

Checks should be made payable to UO Foundation with the words "in memory of Jai Williams" written on the comment line. These gifts are fully tax deductible to the donors.

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