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This Site is currently under construction, as is the company it represents. As time goes on, we hope to become a provider of products and services to the Home Brewing community. Our flagship product, currently under development, is the "NanoBrew 2002", a self-contained, automated system for brewing small batches (several Gallons) of high quality beer from grain and hops.
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Why NanoBrew?

The Big boys (Anheiser-Busch, Heineken, etc.) Make Millions of gallons of beer each year. They are often referred to as "Mega-breweries". The medium-sized guys (Pete's, Anchor, Rogue, etc.) produce tens of thousands of gallons of beer a year. They are referred to as "Micro-breweries". The Home brewer will typically make a hundred or so gallons of beer a year, and we are the nano-scale end of the industry.

What is NanoBrew? ?

NanoBrew is a project of Carson B Roberts, a physicist, engineer and homebrewer. Homebrewing has grown as a hobby, with thousands of people across the US and the world working at home to produce beer of varying quality. I realized a few years ago that it is quite possible to produce beer at home that is as good or better than that made by the micros. However, problems of yield, consistency and quality have kept many people from realizing this ideal. What has been needed is a simple to use, automated system to control all the critical parameters necessary to produce quality beer, free from the contamination that typically produces "off-flavors" in homebrew. This is the niche that the NanoBrew 2002 is designed to fill. Check back in a couple of months for more information on this product (currently under development)

      NanoBrew is also the home of Carson Roberts' Consulting business. If you are looking for a brilliant consultant or engineer, perhaps you'd like to look over my Resumé, Much of my research and industrial experience has been in "Microtechnology", specifically the microelectronics at the heart of the computer industry. The typical Microtech. device will have dimensions measured in a few microns, or millionths of a meter. The trend in that industry has always been toward smaller and smaller things, and most of us believe that "Nanotechnology", involving devices with dimensions of a few nanometers, or billionths of a meter are where the future lies. Through my consulting business, I hope to be involved in the growth of the nanotech industry.

Want to see our hunky spokesmodel in action in his home environment?
Wild Colonial Tavern

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