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     Jai Williams (formerly Jai Roberts) Finished her MFA in June of 1998 with an installation titled "On Beauty Art and Jewelry" at the University of Oregon Museum of Art.

      She then attended the American Craft Council's Summer Wholesale market in Chicago and participated in "All that Glitters" in the Eugene Airport Art Gallery. She teaches enameling and casting workshops at the EMU Crafts Center on the campus of the University of Oregon.

      Jai's piece "White Man's Burden" was featured in the "facets" section of the January issue of Lapidary Journal. In February Jai attended the BMAC (Rosen) show in Philadelphia, and then was the visiting artist at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces. There she taught an enameling workshop and a seminar on business know-how for production jewelry. In April she installed a show entitled "Sure they're nice, but are they real?" at the Galesburg Civic Art Center in Galesburg, Ill.


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