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Large lockets

Enamel on fine silver, sterling frames, each comes on a 24" sterling chain. Several of the available styles are pictured below. If you glance through the catalog, you can guess at some of the other options. L50 and L51 can be done in the other images seen in this catalog (this page shows only one side, the other side is always different, and there are many available options).


Locket: L42 E and 1




L42-M 2

Locket: L42 M and 2





Locket: L42 A and 3





Locket: L42 G and 4




L42-Splat RG

Locket: L42 Splat Red and Gold $134

L42-Pan & Sun

Locket: L42 Pansy and Sun $118

L42-Splat All: B/W

Locket: L42 Splat All $116

L43 Purple

Locket: L43 Purple



Vine /Berries

Locket: L50 Vine and Berries


Splat Multi

Locket: L51 Splat Multi


B1-SF (7)

Bracelet: B1 7 Sunflowers


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